Volume 04, Issue 01, April 2020.

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Intangible Hand Gesture Based Human-Computer Interaction System

Anjali Singh,
K. Ezhil, and
K. Venkatesh Guru


A Machine Learning Approach for Prevention of SQL Injection

Vennila V,
Savitha S,
Baby Anitha E,
Panneerselvam D,
and Sandhya E


Automatic Lighting System using Pic Microcontroller

Ramkumar. K,
Ranjitha. R,
Swathi. P,
Dr. Anand. C, and
Vasuki. N


A Versatile Sentiment Analysis of Multiple Online Reviews

N. Saravanan,
K. M. Ajay,
R. Mohana Raghul,
and M.Gowthaman


Automated Attendance Management and Reporting System using Face Recognition

S. Aravindh,
R. Athira1,
M. J. Jeevitha1
K. Dinesh Kumar,
and Dr. M. Somu


Removing Duplicates from Multiple Sources by Normalized Records

R. Pomalini,
M.Prasana Srinivasan,
D. Monisha, and
Dr. N. S. Nithya


Light Weight Secure Data Sharing Scheme in Mobile Cloud Computing

S. Vadivel,
V. Prabakaran,
G. Praveen Kumar,
and S.S.Savundharya


Profit Maximization and Workload Consolidation Datacenter in Cloud

E. Baby Anitha,
V. Vennila,
B. Roopa Vathana,
B. Sathish, and
J. Shalini


Secured Transmission of Text using Double Encryption Algorithm

K. Kumaresan,
V. Ashwin,
R.Divya Darshini,
and G. Jayasona


Water Distribution System

S. Vignesh,
D. Surya,
R. PraveenRaj,
and Dr. M. Somu


Detection of Diabetic Retinopathy using Binocular Convolutional Neural Network

D. Nithya,
M. Ramya, and
S. Shuruthi


A Systemized Perspective for Secure Cloud Data Sharing and Privacy Protection using Third Party Arbiter

P. Sukumar,
V. Nivetha,
R. Soniya, and
S. Sowmiya


Distributed Cloud Data Storage using Fuzzy Authorization Framework

S. Sadesh,
S. Geethapriya,
M. Gowtham, and
M. Jeevitha